July 23, 2019


Agreed. It was a little over 1 year ago on your boat that we saw about 10-15 turtles when everything you read about The Bahamas is “it’s hard to find sea turtles unless you get lucky.” It was amazing.

Bryce USA/Social Media/Instagram Like July 23, 2019

Amazing excursion. All the staff very kind and attentive. They swam with us telling us where the turtles were.
I would choose it again.

Cecilia Pili USA/Social Media/Facebook July 25, 2019

Had a great time and saw lots of turtles! Captain Ram and first mate are great people to spend the day with, so much so we’re going back tomorrow with our kids

Brian Persons USA/Social Media/Facebook July 25, 2019

Captain Ram took us out on an amazing adventure while we were in the Bahamas this week. His boat was comfortable and he provided soft drinks, water and snorkeling gear if you needed it. The first spot on Rose island for snorkeling was incredible. The marine life was so abundant it was like we were swimming in a giant aquarium and the fish literally followed us as we swam around for about 30 minutes in this spot. Literally hundreds of beautifully colored fish were all around us. The next stop, which was a huge surprise, was packed with sea turtles. We saw probably 8-10 turtles and swam with them for about an hour. The next stop was a shallow spot to gather up some sand dollars and then we pulled up to a cute, but insanely overpriced, beach bar on Rose Island called Footprints. We spent about an hour there and as we headed back the weather turned pretty nasty so we docked in downtown where the captain kept his boat and he drove us back to our villa about 25 minutes away. The plan was for him to take us back in the boat but because the weather was so bad that was no longer an option. We had a great time and Captain Ram was a great tour guide. I highly recommend booking him if you are looking for a great day on the water.

Bryce Woodall USA/Social Media/Facebook July 25, 2019

Captain Narine Ramotar was awesome. We had our first snorkeling experience in Bahamas and we were in good hands. Saw lots of beautiful fishes and enjoyed watching them. Captain was friendly and flexible I would strongly recommend to use their services.

Pooja Jain USA/Social Media/Facebook July 25, 2019

Love Captain Ram! He took us out for snorkeling and fishing and even stopped at Gilligan's Island for us. Awesome guy and awesome day! He's extremely talented and knowledgeable about his work.

Carla Riley USA/Social Media/Facebook July 25, 2019

Captain Rami and Holli were awesome. Best part of the vacation. They took us to rose island and snorkeling near the reefs. Saw lots of fish and a turtle despite the rough seas they did everything to give us the best trip. Kids loved playing on the beach. They took lots of pictures and forwarded them to us! They are the best and highly recommend them. They are honest locals and very friendly! Thank you both again! Hope to see u next time we make it to the Bahamas 🇧🇸 🐠

Cathy Debusk USA/Social Media/Facebook July 25, 2019

Capt Rami is great! Strongly recommend!

William H Mish Jr USA/Social Media/Facebook July 25, 2019

i think that’s us! i can definitely say it made the whole trip so much better!

kaly.bri USA/Social Media/Instagram July 25, 2019

blessed trip

whiterabbit USA/Social Media/Instagram July 25, 2019

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